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Need A0 Sewing Patterns

Belm has you covered.

Copy Shop Sewing Patterns

No more taping multiple sheets together before sewing. No more additional time and paper required to get your sewing project started. Get all your A0 or custom sized patterns printed on one sheet. 

Belm Designs offers large format printing or Copy Shop pattern printing for all your craft and sewing needs. Patterns are Black & White or Color and utilize special water-tight inks that won't smear or smudge on bond paper. Patterns are fade resistant and should withstand years of use.

When choosing a paper size select a size closest to your PDF pattern (if between sizes, always choose the larger size so all your pieces will print on one page). Price is per page/per pattern.

All sewing patterns should be uploaded in PDF format for best results.

A0 Copy Shop Sewing Pattern printing so you can get rid of the tape and wasted time.


We work with Hobbyist, Designers, Seamstress, Pattern Makers, Sewist and many others . . .


Paper Types

Our standard patterns are printed on white 20lb engineering grade bond paper. These prints are visually crisp/ sharp and should last for years.

Translucent patterns are printed on 18lb engineering grade tissue paper and are perfect for projects that require precise positioning and tracing needs.

White and Translucent Sewing Patterns

No Smear

All of our patterns are printed on industrial grade inkjet printers that utilize water-tight inks.

Prints are dry and ready to handle right after printing and will not smear or smudge. Your pattern can be highlighted and marked up with notes etc without worry.


Water-tight ink ensure no smear or smudging
Various sewing pattern sizes to choose from

Go Beyond A0

A0 Sewing patterns (33.1” x 46.8”) are by far the most common size for sewing patterns. If you have an A0/Copy Shop Pattern, choose our 36” x 48” paper size.


We also offer additional sizes in our store if you need a bigger sheet for custom size patterns. 


Rolled or Fold

Our sewing patterns are shipped in two ways, rolled or folded. Rolled patterns ship in a box and are free of wrinkles and creases. Rolled prints can handle multiple print copies in one shipment but may cost a bit more.


Folded patterns can accommodate up to 5 A0 patterns and shipped in our tear resistant bubble poly mailers. The patters are neatly folded into a standard 8..5 x 11 size and 3 hole punched to fit any standard size binder for easy storage.

Custom Apparel

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