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How to Order FAQs

  • What is "BD Blue"?
    The name "BD Blue" is short for "Belm Designs Blueprints". Our "BD Blue" service offers fast, pro-level blueprinting and reprographic options for architects, engineers and construction industries. We provide large format prints, copies, scans, binding and more.
  • Can I order multiple sets or (Copies)?
    Sure, during STEP 3 you will be asked to enter your total page count for the document(s) uploaded. Once entered scroll down the page until you see the number of sets option. Enter the number of sets or copies you need. If you need more than 5 sets you can send us a message and we'll send you an estimate. I.E. Lets say you have two pdf documents each 10 pages, so you'll enter 20 pages for your total page count. Next enter the number of sets/copies needed and add to cart. Don't forget to add the appropriate number of binding strips for each set.
  • Can I have my blueprints resized?
    Yes. When shopping the Document Resizing option will be located at the bottom of every page. Add the option to cart and during checkout you'll be able to message us any special instructions. Note: Documents that are resized from their original will not be to scale.
  • What if I don't know what size prints I need?
    Usually most programs allow you to place your cursor in the lower left corner of the PDF document and the size will appear. You can also open the document's properties tab to view the size. If you still don't know you can send us the file and we'll prepare an estimate for your project.
  • Do you print color blueprints or mixed sets with color and Black & white pages?
    Yes, please use the estimate form and we'll provide you with pricing.
  • Do you charge a setup fee?
    No, however we do charge for certain options (i.e. resizing, binding). If your document is not print ready you may incur additional fees.
  • What does "Print Ready"mean?
    A print ready document is one that needs no changes and can be printed as is.
  • Do you offer custom size prints?
    Yes. If you need a custom size print, please give us a call or fill out the estimate form and we'll send you pricing.
  • Do you print more than Blueprints?
    Yes, we print landscape drawings, plumbing plans, electrical schematics, HVAC plans, sewing patterns and everything else.
  • Are these services suitable for posters?
    No, these prints are for line type drawings. For Poster (Full Color) pricing send us a message or give us a call and we'll get you pricing.

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