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San Jose Barracuda

Building a strong robust brand is the cornerstone of every organization. Add to the fact it’s for a professional sports team in the heart of silicon valley and you’ve got your work cut out. The identity had to also represent the teams new sponsor adding to the complexity. Attached are a few excerpts from the style guide that demonstrates how the San Jose Barracuda brand is presented and used.


Another consideration was fan appeal, after all sports organizations want to sell tickets, apparel, hats, mugs, etc and that played an important role in brand development. After a successful brand launch, I was asked by the Sharks organization to “drop the puck” at the inaugural game, exciting! 

Service Provided

Brand Guide

Brand Identity

Graphic Design

Art Direction

Jersey Design


Sj Sharks/Barracuda

Game Changer

What happens when you bring an AHL Team and Corporate sponsor together to create a national logo? It’s a collaboration of the highest magnitude, a real “Game Changer.” The results are a fresh new logo that has clean lines, a bold colorful & provocative look. Just what the sports and business world demands. 

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