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The Pharos Light Beam is a uniquely engineered device for safety. The name Pharos means "light house" or "beacon" and that's just what the device is with a few enhancements.


Pharos is constructed of water-tight carbon fiber material making it light, tough and rugged for all environments. Other build materials include aircraft grade aluminum and high-impact plastics for the fresnel lens cover. Available in multi-lighting color schemes to fit any task the unit employs a super bright LED array that can be seen for miles in all kinds of weather conditions day or night.

Service Provided

Industrial Design

Graphic Design

Visual Design

Art Direction



Unique in Many Ways

The beacon signal is unique to each Pharos Light Beam user. Internet monitoring is simple with any standard web browser on a computer or mobile device. The unit has a few other notable features like programmable flashing sequences and tandem-flash that works with other "Light Beam" units creating different lighting effects.

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