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Barracuda (Website Refresh)

Barracuda Networks needed a fresh new look to match it's growing new product offerings. The design featured a simple navigation to get you to the correct product and accompanying information all within three clicks. All products utilized to the newly created product identity system making brand and finding the right information in a snap. The site was highly responsive using much of the screen real estate with being crowded. The site was sprinkled with color while adhering to all corporate stye and branding guidelines.

Service Provided

Web Design

Graphic Design

Visual Design

Art Direction


Barracuda Networks

Data is Beautiful

Have you ever heard the remark “Data is beautiful”? Data can be a lot of things informative, vast, and beautiful all at the same time. Working with a network security company we deal with large amounts of data. Bits and bytes moving in and around a network can be a complicated task and I set out to visualize what that might look like. Using data points from each Barracuda product, plotting that data using D3 techniques and displaying the information in with different chart types turns out to be quite beautiful. The graphics were the cornerstone for the next look and feel for Barracuda Networks website. Inline graphics were also constructed in the same format to display additional information needed for the site. Because each product had different data the results were very different. 

CudaWebpage Layout.jpg

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