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Product Identity System

They’ve been referred to as “Bricks”, “blocks” and “elements” but they’re officially named Barracuda Product Tiles. These tiles serve as the identity system and sub brand for all Barracuda products and companion applications. They are bold, simple and fun, yet pack a lot of information about any particular product. By design Barracuda product naming conventions are the result of what the product actually does, so product names are never short. Product tiles use a two or three letter acronym for easy recognition and will always display the full name on the tile or beneath it depending on size restrictions. Companion Apps utilize an icon in lieu of the acronym to differentiate between the two product versions. Every tile is color coded using the four Barracuda platform categories (i.e. Security - Blue, Storage - Orange, Application DeliveryDelivery – Lt Gray and Productivity – Dark Gray). 

Service Provided

Product Identity

Graphic Design

3D Visual Design

Art Direction


Barracuda Networks

Simple but Effective

The robust nature of the Identity system is shown below. Flat or dimensional, collateral, network diagrams and advertisements are just a few of the many areas of use.

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